Importing Old Data into Quickbooks (past the bank feed)

Most banks and credit cards will only allow Quickbooks to import data a few months or a year into the past. However, we often find ourselves needing to input data from before that and end up either entering it by hand in the register (ugh!) or making a journal entry of the totals for each category (this is not a good method).

What many people don’t realize is that you can avoid that mess and waste of time. Almost every bank and credit card company will allow users to log into their account, lookup transactions by date and then download them in either Quickbooks Format, or if not, in CSV format which works in Excel; in which case you’ll just have to format the file correctly for upload.

Here’s an example. If you login to a Wells Fargo Account, you’ll find this menu:

Once there you can select your date range and the Quickbooks Web Connect file type:

Once downloaded, go back to Quickbooks Online, go to your banking feed, and upload the file. It will lead you through a process to select the correct account in which to upload the data. You can then go to your banking feed and categorize and enter transactions into the register as usual!

Easy as pie! This will also work in Quickbooks Desktop, although the steps are slightly different. If you have any questions, just write to me. Also, every bank is different and has a different menu to navigate, but you can almost always find this option.

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