General Bookkeeping

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  •  Enter Transactions into Quickbooks Online for your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Reconciliation of accounts monthly
  • Monthly Financial Statements
    (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)
  • Record payroll wages and payroll taxes
  • Track bills due and payable
  • Prepare vendor checks to be printed
  • Quickbooks Oline Pro subscription included

Quickbooks Online Setup

  • Setup QBO account
  •  Create starting balances for all accounts
  • Enter all outstanding Accounts Payable 
  • Enter all outstanding Accounts Receivable

Additional Services

Payroll & Payroll Taxes

  • Submit payroll to your payroll provider

Sales Tax Tracking

  • We will track your sales tax liability quarterly

Accounts Receivable (Customer Invoicing)

  • Enter your customer invoices
  • We will match deposits to your bank account to your invoices

Accounts Payable (Bills)

  • Enter bills due
  • Match credit card or bank payments to bills

Class or Location Tracking

  • Categorization of income and expenses by department or location
  • Reporting each month on profit and loss by class/location

1099 Preparation

  • Preparation of contractor 1099s
  • Submittal to the IRS, employer, and contractor

Quickbooks Desktop to QBO Conversion

QBO conversion from QBD – pricing Jonsson Financial

View pricing for services related to conversion from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online