Considering Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online has a much different user interface than traditional Quickbooks Desktop and other desktop accounting software. However, because it is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere. Not only that, but your bookkeeper, your tax accountant, and trusted employees can all access it, even simultaneously.

But the best features are in the third-party apps. IF you’re using Paychex to run your payroll, their general ledger services can make it so your payroll journal entry uploads to QBO without you even lifting a finger. This not only saves time, but helps maintain accuracy.

Other great third-party apps that work well with QBO are, Hubdoc (for A/P streamlining and storage), expensify, etc. Even the built-in banking feed is better in QBO than on desktop. In addition, Intuit seems to be pushing online rather than desktop, so the online resources and support you’ll receive are quite a bit better.

There are a few reasons why you may not want to make the switch, however. QBO isn’t stellar with complicated inventory. But you may consider implementing QBO with third-party inventory tracking systems.

If you need to make the switch, please see my services page for more information. It can be quite detailed in the beginning but well worth it as soon as the transfer has been done.

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